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About Us

Under an umbrella of South African Upcoming Music Awards (SAUMA) ▪We are SAUMA HD RADIO, we are 8 Months old live broadcasting online station with a listenership of over plus 25 030.▪Our broadcast territories include: United States of America,Singapore,Neitherlands,Lesotho,Namibia and Nigeria. ▪Our LSM is 4-8 : comprises of a culturally eclectic population, ranging from community members to business entrepreneurs, local government and farm dwellers.▪Our intent is to launch upcoming musicians careers, and so 99% of our music is from aspiring musicians. ▪Which is at the heart of SAUMA.

Aims :-


SAUMA HD Radio Aims To:
· Maximise diversity of programming.
 · Inspire creative contributions to radio programming.
 · Increase awareness of the power and potential of radio. 
· Encourage and inspire upcoming musicians. 
· Encourage empowerment and the politics of liberation and
discourage protectionism and the politics of resentment. 
· Formalise its operations so as to promote fairness,
clarity and efficiency in its decisions.
 · Encourage access to the facilities by both the
Peterborough area and Trent communities. 
· Encourage the production of programming which reflects
both of these communities. 


· Encourage co-operation, interaction, communication and
understanding within and between these communities and fully reflect this radio
community to the world beyond


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Our Affiliates


KMH is a branding Company that deals with small and large printing based in Soweto.

Music Publishing

Sheer is a music publishing company based in Randburg,it published for many known and Unknown musicians.

Clothing Company

Afroclassic is a clothing company that also does the embroidery for all types of clothing and also taylor make for its clients.