Music Production

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Course Overview

The Music Production course covers the basic to advance technical knowledge of using Logic Pro X music production software, & an intensive music theory & Keyboard techniques taught by industry experts. This programme empowers learners to achieve quality studio productions without the need for a professional studio environment. It is an ideal start if you’re considering working in a professional studio, recording bands & Mixing & Mastering their music Albums or Music Production technology as a new career path.

Course Content
  • Logic Pro X Electronic Music Production
  • Music Theory & Keyboard Techniques
  • Recording & Drum programming Techniques
  • Song construction & Synthesis
  • Creative use of digital effects
  • Fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering
  • Music Production Business
Course Duration
  • 12 weeks Part-time study.
  • Classes are scheduled Saturdays only.
Course Minimum Requirement
  • A minimum of Grade 10
  • Passion for Music
  • English Language (Spoken & Written)

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