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Radio Production

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Course Description

Duration : 6 Months

Fees : R8400.00

The design of this programme is to accommodate radio programmes relevant to all audiences. The Qualification aims at enabling learners to be employable in all three sectors (public, commercial and community). Production, packaging, journalistic, content development are competencies required across all three tiers of broadcasting and the qualification will allow the competent learners to be employable in all sectors of radio not just community radio.

The Qualification will enable the learners to make value judgements; packaging calls for putting elements together in a unique and creative manner, producing calls for a process of research, conceiving ideas and actualising those ideas. This Qualification requires learners not just to make products but also to be able to develop content for radio broadcasts.



  • Learning Outcomes
  • Operating within legislative frameworks within radio sector
  • Building a resource network for radio production
  • Generating and pitching ideas for broadcast
  • Writing scripts for radio
  • Producing “live” and “studio recorded” programs
  • Editing and multi track mixing
  • Presenting radio shows
  •  Interview guests, panels and content providers