The epic afternoon drive show _ is about the latest trends in technology, fashion and entertainment news.  Also shines the spotlight on the upcoming musicians from Hip Hop to gqom house / Afro pop. The entrepreneur segment helps creative artists, business men and women  profiling  their businesses and upcoming events etc. The Presenters (Melissa,Thato and KgoMogul)  keeps  SaumaHD Radio listeners motivated through daily topics on relationships, philosophy and daily living issues. Twitter trends, social media trends brings humor and crazy laughter throughout the afternoon until the evening.  Traffic updates and hottest current affairs sustains the flow of the show as the hosts indulge in the fun and exciting moments.  The epic afternoon is your go to show for all the exclusive interviews, what’s hip and buzzing in SA and the world.

09:00am-11:00am OUT THE BOX
” The show that goes out and beyond”
This show consists of 3 presenters( news anchor, sports anchor and the host)
THE AIM:  to Inform, Educate and Entertain everyone who is willing to think out of the box when it comes to Fashion affairs and Food affairs.
HOW: Everyday during this two hour show, there is a 30mn segment that is normally set to teach or inform listeners about a certain clothing and food cause in this show food and clothing go hand in hand. This is normally done by a guests who  are subject matter experts on both these affairs. As all these two ( clothes and food) are seasonally, the show makes sure that the information given to the listener is relevant according to seasons.
TARGET MARKET: all gender, race and age

Monday to Friday 18:00-19:00


The Hidden Truth

Monday to Friday 18:00-19:00

Host: Ndlovukazi the Queen-mother

The Hidden Truth is a current affairs show that covers and analyzes: economy; social; political;sports; science and environmental news.

Hot topics discussions.We also cover updates on both national and international news headlines.Cover and report on national events; press conference and all that is news worthy.The show aims at making sure that our listeners are up to date with both national and

international news and also to bring awareness of the current state of South Africa, Africa as a whole and the World.The Objective of the show is to get listeners interested in all news. With no specific target, still

the show is very interested in getting young people interested in important topics such as for example politics and investment.Sharing all news being national or international does indeed open ones perspective. I believe that through the show listeners will also learn about different cultures and laws that still practiced in different parts of the world.Though some news bring hope some news can be sad but in all news we all learning and acquiring new information.

The show is an hour show, with short breaks taken every 15mins of the show. The show is also multi-lingual and at times some humor does get added as some news do give laughter and some also will also bring a smile in ones face.Live interviews will also be conducted as the show grows and also callers are now requested tocall and get to participate on the topic for the day.With the saying “My people perish because of lack of knowledge” that is exactly what the showaims to do: educate; give knowledge and empower the listeners.

13H00-15H00 Mon-Fri

#TheGreenLightShow is a lunchbox show from 13H00-15H00 pm that caters for a range of listeners such as workers on lunchtime, students who tune in between lectures and the religious listeners of SAUMA HD. We discuss a variety of topics, from what’s trending on social media to having discussions about relevant and pressing issues. On Monday’s we discuss nutrition, Tuesdays we discuss relationships, while Wednesday we discuss spirituality and Thursday is dedicated to Politics and how we relate with other countries as a nation, and lastly on Friday we discuss Entertainment news…

The Monday Edition

Not only do we discuss pertinent issues affecting society but we also bring in experts with insight on the topic at hand and provide solutions. Mondays are for discussions around mental and health well-being. We target topics that will help the listener start towards having a positive outlook on their life. We discuss issues such as healthy eating, depression, anxiety, importance of exercising and meditation. 

The Tuesday Edition

This edition varies from romantic relationships discussions, how we relate to ourselves and others.

The Wednesday edition

 Wednesday’s we dig deeper into the self and discuss spirituality related topics that range from spirituality to religion and everything in between.

The Thursday edition.

Thursday we branch out and tap into the political landscape. We discuss current affairs and how South Africa relates with other countries. We also delve into reporting on global news that are topical.

The Friday edition

As we tap into the weekend, we touch on some entertainment news that’s been making headlines throughout the week, we do book and movie reviews and touch on some technology and art news.

15H00-18H00 Saturdays

If you have ever wondered what could spice up your weekend, then “Weekend Third Base” on SAUMA HD Radio is your show. We bring you current local and global affairs ranging from sport, politics, and a bit of educational content. We explore various topics that will bring life into your weekend. Furthermore, we also host guests (artists, poets, book writes, leaders and motivational speakers) from various backgrounds to network with you at home.


Throughout this show we take you through a musical journey that brings the old and new sounds in the world of music. Tune in every Saturday from 15h00- 18h00 for a fun and informative 3hours of inspiration while entertained.


Your host is Loyiso “PastorBae” Maciko

12:00-1500 Sundays


Hosts: Thapelo Moloi & Simphiwe Nyembe



Background and Aim of the Show 

The show is aimed at your middle, matured audience, that is LSM 4-8, who are relaxing at home and winding down and spending much needed quality time with their partners, and family members while they prepare for the coming working week.


We aim to keep the love going


We show case some of the best Soul and RnB songs from local and international Artists. Because SAUMA is the “Home of Musicians” the show has a strong focus on upcoming musicians who are in the Soul and RnB genre.


The show is divided into the following:

Rise and Shine with Lelo 
6am-9am (Saturdays)

Rise and shine with Lelo is targeted at urban youth (18-36) . We play current, local hip hop, house and pop music . It serves an easy-going selection of lifestyle features , good conversation on current affairs, entertainment, thought provoking interviews and every month at 8am-9am we interview young people who are creating a positive impact in South Africa (ranging from professionals, entrepreneurs, musicians, etc) .  We also have a feature where the radio presenter Lelo gives listeners ideas on what to get up to on Saturdays called lifestyle Saturdays.The show is young, vibrant, up to date and has a selection of fresh , out of the box and upbeat music to get your Saturday morning started and uplift your mood. It will sure keep you updated on all relevant news trending on all media, an interactive show which puts the spotlight on youth doing amazing things while giving the underdogs in music a chance to shine. It also serves as a gig guide and keeping you updated with all the cool places to visit on the weekend opening a platform for event owners, holiday destinations and tourist attractions to advertise on the show at reasonable rates .



Behind The Make-Up Show
11am-1pm every Monday to Friday with Jane Bubunkie.
On this show we Aim to Restore lost identities by Digging deep into the inner person’s life. We reveal and remove the daily make-up(lifestyle) that hides the real problems, after revealing these problems we address them by talking and sharing and finding solutions. We cater for women/Men and teenagers.  We also invite Known Faces in the Music and Acting Industry to share with us their daily challenges hidden behind their flashy lifestyles. 
 We deal with Life as we see it and not cover anything. Challenges/ Problems are there to be tackled and solved and that is what behind the makeup deals with daily. 
Motivational Sundays
Hosted by: Nokwanda Soko aka Milk & Honey
Time slot.: Sundays 06:00 – 09:00
Motivational Sundays is a morning show dedicated to the life improvement of listeners. The show contains content that not many people are comfortable discussing, but are highly relatable.
Motivational Sundays is there to be therapeutic to listeners, occasionally discussing current events and diverting them into motivational talks.
The show also tackles issues with depression, failure, weight loss, personal loss, death, the persuit of happiness and some life hacks amongst many others with the help of trustworthy research and references.
I also cover the news (full bulletins at the top of each hour and headlines and the bottom of the hours), folllowed by sports updates and the weather.
The show will occasionally feature reputable guests who will share their personal experiences and motivations.
From 09:00am- 12:00pm( every Sat)
Hosted by: Nothemba Qulu
The Open Mic show is all about embracing art in every form possible. This show is actually the platform for the well known artists to motivate the upcoming ones and for the up and coming artist to take their art serious. To uplift the up coming artist ( poets, comedians, musicians, authors, dancers, actors and of cause any other form of arts) is the reason why this is in existence. All this is to Inform, Educate and Entertain the listeners of Sauma hd radio. In all this show improves creativity among the artist for it has a 30mn segment called ” give me a word” which challenges and requires creativity, spontaneity and improvisation, which are the qualities needed in order for one to be referred to as an artist.
The Open Mic show is a show that caters for all those who want to take the short left rout of being creatives.

The Majestic world of Arts Hosted by Giftious and Nothemba Tolokazi


12H00-15H00 (Saturdays)


The show is about the world of arts from music, fashion, creativity, acting , comedy and all things to with art.


In this show we cover the latest celebrity gossips, current trends on social media and recap from what’s been happening in the world of arts for the past week. 

It’s all about fun, laughter and spice. It’s motivating but yet shady. 

Very versatile and playing all kinds of genres and interviewing all kinds of artist in the aim of uplifting and promoting krafts.


The show is decided into different segments


Intro, music, and what’s coming up on the show.

We uncover all the celebrity gossips, spice and what went on during the week.









15H00-18H00 (Sundays)

show its about bringing back our Culture to where its belong ,its a show that   teaches every single person to be proud of who they are and where they are coming from.On this show we allow all Nguni Nations to take part during the show and also have freedom of expression to anything concerning Culture ,we also make sure that we build home for all Cultural people and African musicians  since SAUMA is the home of musicians, we also keep our doors open for Poets to come and express themselves during this show uMKHUMBI WESINTU ,we talk anything ,we teach ,also alerts our listeners about  safety tips in their homes every single day ,we also  make sure to broadcast using our Nguni Languages for those who don’t understand English to feel free to listen our Radio and belong.We play African music ,Maskandi uMbhaqanga, Regae, Disco  and any kind of mu insic that symbolize Culture


The next episode from 3pm – 6pm on Saturdays By: Monti Montsha aka “Captain of the cool kids.”
The show is *topically* about educating and preparing the upcoming artists mentally and socially on how to deal with the ups and downs of the next episode of their career and fame lifestyle.
The main objectives is to eradicate what is happening to majority of artists when they get to the next episode of the music fraternity, they are never familiar with the likes of contracting, things like royalties, self branding, promoters, groupies….just to name a few.
That is just a nutshell of topic we banter around in the show.
 *Musically** , the show play 99% upcoming and established music of the Farther land. Namely we play Hip-hop, Kwaito, House and electro at some point. *News wise* , we cover local and international hard news, soft news, lifestyle and entertainment news.

The Am Fever 

Hosted by :Kholofelo Pootona
Time : 3am -6am
The AmFever is a show that focus on issues that affects the youth on a daily basis, and we  focus on the trending topics  and trending hashtags,we also keep you updated with the latest celebrity news early in the morning .
And again we play local music for up and coming musicians

Host : Ray

Raising Knights is a current affairs evening session focusing on the end of day closing of current business day and late night drive time …. We focus on many issues the Market bend of day report … Exciting current affair headlining through the day ….tech news … Business opportunities and new business development.. emerging markets and in the spirit of Sauma new musicians and DJs … Raising Knights is show stopper the last kick of the day full of energy and words of wisdom to keep you going for the next day . And while at it play you those good old sounds to keep you happy all through the night .we Raise you up in the night.

The Spiritual Chase from

09H00-12H00 Sunday


The show focuses on the journey of the soul,through each of our paths we find our purpose revealed through our spiritual connection and union with the power of a higher being. Connect with Host Dimpho Majogo & celebrate your spirituality.


The aim is to share stories of a diverse nation in South Africa on how  each embrace and understand Spirituality,through my own journey I would connect with people based on my diversity of being born in  Christian family,and became a Muslim revert who is a healer and unfolding the awakening of one’s inner soul..


Face book: The Spiritual Chase

The Cross Over with Kwakanya – 21h00 till 00h00 (Sundays)

The clock strikes 4pm on a Friday and all that comes to mind is “ woza Friday ” but what happens when the sun is setting on a Sunday evening and all that comes to mind is the following day, deadlines, meetings and all kinds of anxieties rise up on you? Worry not – the Cross Over on Sauma HD is exactly where you need to be, a show where the smoothest of jams are played, you will even forget that its work the following day. Whether you are preparing for school, a meeting, interview or working on a business proposal, tune in to The Cross Over with myself Kwakanya and be a part of the amazing family; sing along and dance to some amazing RnB, Soul and Afro-Pop by both local and international artists. The Cross over – Kissing blue Mondays goodbye.