Sound Technology

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·       Fees: R8 400.00

         R1 400.00 Monthly instalment


These short courses provide you with the skills you will need to enter the exciting and vibrant life of music production. You can thrive in the highly competitive and dynamic audio visual industry with the right commitment and passion to succeed.


Love of Music | Creative | Free Spirited | Passionate | Technical.


·         Remixer, Producer, Live Artist

·         Film Score Composition

·         Sound and Music Design for Games, TV, Film and other     Multimedia Applications

·         Record Producer

·         Post Production and Mastering Engineer


·         Music Production Fundamentals 1 (Propellerheads       Reason)

·         Music Production Fundamentals 2 (Native Instruments)

·         Music Theory

·         Cubase and Audio Engineering Theory

·         Advanced Production and Post-Production

All modules are compulsory and must be passed.


Possess knowledge and understanding of:

·         Basic and advanced music composition with a focus on modern and electronic music styles

·         Drum Programming

·         Scales and Intervals

·         Quantizing and Groove Timing

·         Basic and Advanced Synthesis

·         Chords and Cord Progression

·         MIDI Sequencing

·         Effects Processing – Inserts and Sends

·         Soundshaping

·         Automation

·         Arrangement

·         Cubase and Native Instruments

·         Psycho-acoustics and the Perception of Sound

·         Principles of Sound and Digital Recording

·         Vocal Recording and Microphone Techniques

·         Audio Recording and Editing

·         Film Score Composition and Production

·         Sound to Picture Editing

·         Compression and Dynamics Processing

Post Production – Mixing and Mastering


Minimum Grade 10 Certificate

No previous knowledge of music or experience with any musical instrument required