#IMPROOVA is not just a word or an action, it is a community driven movement that is answering the call for positivity and change. It is a movement to change indifference into motivation and passivity into action.

#IMPROOVA is a CSI Project initiated by FrontSeat Group. Our aim is to create a movement that answers the call for job creation and self-empowerment through the change of South African mindsets. Positive change starts with you!


By boosting creativity, innovation and confidence, each citizen can be an agent of change. Ideas are opportunities for the improvement of people’s daily lives and job creation.

Don’t just improve, #IMPROOVA!

#IMPROOVA is a CSI Project initiated by FrontSeat Group aimed to try and convince ordinary South Africans to work on improving
anything around their environment and livelihood.
We, at FrontSeat, believe that if implemented correctly, maybe we can help change mindsets of the general population to start believing
in themselves and be more creative, innovative and subsequently, create jobs. The aim is to reach as many people as possible using all
our available media platforms available through-out the year to try and achieve maximum reach and impact across the country.
We are excited about this project and we would like to challenge you as a client, partner, employee and friend to be part of this
revolution to your life and the lives of our people.
You can use the in as many situations as possible within your space and on social media. The tagline should be used
when posting anything that has to do with improving.

As South Africans, we have a way of ”Africanising” the English language. Words like ”groova”, “explora”, “senda”, ”mixa” are all English
but will only make sense when said in a vernacular sentence.
The word
#IMPROOVA originates from the word improve. Initially we thought of using #IMPROVE, however, we wanted to coin the
word and make it as South African as possible. This way, all races are able to own the word and able to fit it in any language.