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SAUMA HD RADIO is effective and affordable. In our time-challenged society, radio allows people to multi-task while listening. Unlike other traditional media, radio is still considered relevant to the lives of consumers with its easy access, local programming, and reliable, up-to-the-minute information. Listeners feel an emotional connection to their favorite radio station and enjoy the engaging personal touch of local on-air talent who are often perceived as “friends.” SAUMA HD RADIO advertising packages are customized for each specific advertiser to ensure results. 


A radio station directly serving the country (RSA), and the most popular mass media vehicle, SAUMA HD RADIO provides an established platform from which retailers and service companies can, at minimal cost, bring products and services to the attention of the region’s urban, peri-urban and rural communities. 


For the information of your marketing department, SAUMA HD RADIO is 3 Years old and current footprint embraces a 205 050 plus listenership including following countries (United State of America, Namibia, Singapore and Nigeria,Netherlands,Cameroon,Lesotho). 


Comprising a culturally eclectic population, ranging from community members to small business entrepreneurs, local government representatives and farm dwellers, the region provides us with a listener LSM profile spanning from 4-8. 

SAUMA HD Radio Aims To:  Maximise diversity of programming.  Inspire creative contributions to radio programming.  Increase awareness of the power and potential of radio.  Encourage and inspire upcoming musicians.  Encourage empowerment and the politics of liberation and discourage protectionism and the politics of resentment.  Formalise its operations so as to promote fairness, clarity and efficiency in its decisions.  Encourage access to the facilities by both the Peterborough area and Trent communities.  Encourage the production of programming which reflects both of these communities.  Encourage co-operation, interaction, communication and understanding within and between these communities and fully reflect this radio community to the world beyond 

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